Breckenridge Trail Activities

Beautiful Breckenridge Trails: Horseback Riding, Hiking, and Rock Climbing

Summer time activities in this beautiful mountain region are gaining in popularity. Breckenridge has long been a favored winter escape due to its beautiful ski slopes. But these same mountains also offer beautiful and exciting warm weather recreation. Hiking and backpacking are a time-honored tradition in the mountains. Trail running and biking are also ideal ways to breathe in the clean air and enjoy the stunning scenery of off-road Breckenridge. Numerous other activities can also be found including horseback riding, 4-wheel drive tours, rock climbing and zip lining, just to name a few.

Horseback Riding in Breckenridge

Return to the original romance of the Old West with a horseback ride through scenic conifer and aspen forests or open range. Horseback riding outfitters offer themed rides that capture the essence of life in the western ranges. Go along on a cattle roundup, view wildflowers in the spring, hang on for a river crossing, scout for wildlife. You can even take an old-fashioned sleigh ride in the snow during the winter months. Amble along the peaks of Ten Mile Ridge overlooking Breckenridge.

Local Breckenridge Horseback Riding outfitters:

Gore Range Outfitters (970) 547-8144
Breckenridge Stables (970) 453-4438
Western Sky Activities (970) 688-2340
Rusty Spur Ranch (970) 724-1123

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and backpacking the beautiful mountain trails around Breckenridge can be tailored to any fitness level. Trail maps are readily available to help you select for distance and difficulty. Take an easy morning stroll or opt for a more serious overnight trek. Either way, you will enjoy clean mountain air, beautiful wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

Ten of Breckenridge’s Recommended Hikes:

  1. Hoosier Pass Loop (easy) – A 3-mile alpine loop below the tree line.
  2. Spruce Creek Loop (easy) – By winter this trail is popular with cross-country skiers; 4 miles of gently sloping forest trails with mountain views.
  3. Carter Park (easy) – Enjoy spectacular views of Ten Mile Range.
  4. Sawmill Trail (easy) – A great beginner’s trail along a stream bed; 1 ½ miles return.
  5. Burro Trail (easy) – You set the pace and the distance on this trail which begins at the base of Peak 9.
  6. Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch (moderate) – Hike 2 ½ miles through stunning alpine scenery with lakes and historic mining camps.
  7. McCullough Gulch (moderate) – Only 2.6 miles, taking in forests, wildflower meadows and waterfalls.
  8. Mohawk Lakes (moderate) – This 5-mile trail will alternately challenge you with rugged climbing and delight you with easy walking through stunning scenery.
  9. Quandary Peak (difficult) – This rugged 6-mile trail tops out above 14,000 feet and covers over 3,000 feet in altitude.
  10. Wheeler National Recreation Trail (difficult) – 10-mile trail traversing Ten Mile Range; a rigorous hike at elevation rewarded with spectacular scenery.

Rock Climbing

The jutting mountains of the Breckenridge area are a prime location for rock climbing. Novices can take lessons while experienced climbers can hire guides to lead them to the area’s best wall faces. The town Recreation Center even has an indoor climbing wall – warm up here or squeeze in a short climb without having to hit the trails.

Swan Mountain offers easily scalable faces for beginners. More advanced climbers will find routes on Montezuma. Independence Pass is enjoyed by experienced climbers.

Contacts for Rock Climbing information and classes:

Apex Mountain School (970) 949-9111
Breckenridge Recreation Center (970) 453-1734