Cayman Family Fun

Family Fun

Ah, what a wonderland we have for you and your wee ones. Just how many fun things to do can we pack on an island less than 76 square miles? Let me tell you!

1.) Cayman Turtle Farm provides just one of many opportunities to swim with wildlife on Grand Cayman. Enjoy Turtle Lagoon where you and your family can swim with the turtles and enjoy shallow water snorkeling. Not up to swimming? Stop by the Turtle Touch Tanks or their Caribbean Free Flight Aviary for a hands-on greeting with Caribbean wildlife. For your teenagers who are interested in working with wildlife be sure to check out the “Keeper For a Day” program where participants 14 years and older can shadow staff for a day and spend time with the park’s wildlife up close and personal. Finally, don’t miss the barracuda and shark feeding times (no, no need to swim in those tanks)!

2.) Stingray City is an exciting place to explore as a family! From swimming with the turtles we go to swimming with the stingrays! Please check out Stingray City for more information on this brilliant kid-friendly experience.

3.) “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow-” Submarine! What island adventure would be complete without immersing yourselves in our marine life below and staying completely dry in the process? This is too good to be true! Atlantis Submarines can make it happen for your entire family; now, if only they would paint them yellow.

4.) For a delightful quiet afternoon be sure to visit Starfish Point within the area of Cayman Kai. A rental car may be needed if you are not staying in the area, but the trip is well worth it, particularly for the kids. Shallow waters allow even the very young to enjoy these crystal clear waters, perfect for spotting the large number of starfish around. Feel free to gently touch, but please do not lift them of the water.

5.) Grand Cayman presents you with not one, but two dolphin parks: Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Cove. For your non-swimming young children look into Dolphin Cove’s “Dolphin Encounter Program”, a great way to interact with these amazing creatures. Dolphin Discovery has an assortment of options to choose from; take a look and pick one that suits your family best!

6.) Finally, we do happen to have a beach or two. Our beaches alone can provide endless entertainment and enjoyment for your family. From the busier Seven Mile Beach to the more quiet Rum Point complete with shaded picnic areas and shallow swimming, white sands and blue waters await you.