Cayman Shopping

Short of a dancing in the rain (you are bringing a bathing suit, aren’t you?) shopping in Grand Cayman is the best activity when the weather is bad; especially if you are on the hunt for jewelry, perfumes, luxury watches, leather items and diamonds. The Cayman Islands boasts Duty Free pricing which are well below what you will find on mainland USA. The two major players of our Cayman Islands shopping industry are:

1.) Kirk Freeport is a family owned and operated Duty Free shopping center by the Waterfront. For our cruise ship visitors, Kirk Freeport is usually the beauteous vision that they will enjoy first. Kirk Freeport is honored as the official retailer of Rolex and is the only retailer with three full boutiques dedicated to fragrances and skin care. With twenty-two stores on Grand Cayman and additional locations on Cayman Brac, Kirk Freeport provides an array of high-quality merchandise to peruse, covet, and enjoy.

2.) Island Companies Ltd. has gone through some name changes, but was originally co-founded by the Cayman Islands‘ first professional athlete, Renard Moxam, and named Renard’s Sports World. It has since evolved into the largest retailer on the island with twenty-four amazing stores in total. Under Dart Management since 2004 it sells an impressive variety of products including Cuban Cigars, brand-name accessories, souvenir clothing, crystal and china, jewelry and more!

Both Kirk Freeport and Island Companies Ltd. pride themselves on their excellent customer service and high-quality luxury goods at fantastic prices! Get ready to explore to your heart’s content and return home with fabulous items that won’t break your bank.

If art and local crafts are more your interest be sure to check out our assorted venues. Start with the Cayman Craft Market located in downtown George Town, on the corner of Boilers Road and South Church Street. With an array of art crafted from local materials such as leather, thatch, wood, shell, and Caymanite (locally sourced sedimentary stone) or food items such as jams, jellies, and pickles, see, taste, and touch your way through Caymanian offerings. Pure Art, located about 1 mile south from the cruise ship terminal, is filled with a variety of beautiful collectibles. Take a look at locally crafted jewelry at the Market on the Grounds every Saturday morning or Mitzi’s Fine Jewelry on Seven Mile Beach. After enjoying Mitzi’s boutique be sure check out Starvin’ Artists, a co-op of Cayman artists featuring, paintings, photography, glassware, and of course, more jewelry!

For a different, but deeply worthwhile experience, we highly recommend visiting The Sunset House! In addition to providing photography and diving classes, resort accommodations and half a dozen other things, The Sunset House contains a beautiful gallery of underwater photography and prints from the amazing Cathy Church (we insist you look her up!) Finally, don’t forget that our famous festivals: Cayfest, Batabano, and Pirate’s Week feature a beautiful array of arts and crafts Caymanian culture.