Cayman Weddings

If scuba diving, shopping, playing with the kids, or stingrays aren’t enough to keep you busy, we would like to inform you that you can always get married; only if you’re terribly bored of course. In the Cayman Islands, we aim to please and we have a plethora of elegant options available to you to create the perfect wedding event.

Always wanted to get married on a warm, white sandy beach? How about a luxury yacht? Pirate ship? Replica of a 17th century galleon (that’s a boat)? Or in a luscious fragrant botanical park? In the midst of your Caribbean cruise? No, wait! Let’s get married underwater! Yes, under our warm, clear, turquoise water. In fact, diving technology now makes it possible to communicate underwater so no miming of wedding vows necessary. Though, that may make for a fun reception game.

Our most popular wedding locations include the Ritz-Carlton, Governors Beach, Rum Point, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, and Turtle Farm. Our range of skilled wedding professionals include planners, photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, cake designers, jewelers, spa , hair and beauty stylists, gift consultants, musicians, and transportation specialists. Don’t be fooled by the size of our island; the level of talent and customer service is out of this world. Share what works best for you and your partner, your hopes and wishes, and we will take care of the rest.

Varied receptions sites are also available, including: resorts, hotels, private villas, beaches, forest, and waterfront restaurants such as the charming and refined Grand Old House. Keep your special day a quiet affair between the two of you or a grand extravaganza with everyone involved. If you choose to have a small gathering, just remember that at least two witnesses are needed and so inform your wedding planner in case they need to secure witnesses for the beautiful event.

If you are getting married in The Cayman Islands do note that a special marriage license is required, you must be married by a Marriage Office (most religious ministers have this designation) and the record of marriage must be filed locally, a registered copy of your Marriage Certificate will also be arranged for you. You should then file that copy with the public records office of your hometown. Or just come back and visit us to do it all again.

Fun fact! Your marriage must occur between 6am and 8pm or that underwater wedding gear turns into a pumpkin at 8. The luxury yacht is still a yacht though, no worries.

Finally, the best part is that the honeymoon is already right here; our paradise awaits you.