Scuba Diving

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

Taken at Turtle Reef Dive Site, Grand Cayman

Want to swim with the fishes? Cruise with the turtles? Wiggle with some eels? Admire the coral up close and personal? Get in touch with your inner Little Mermaid? You know she’s in there, somewhere (this goes for you too gentlemen!). Whether you’re a confused rookie or a master diver, Grand Cayman has countless training and scuba diving opportunities just waiting for your enjoyment. With more than 175 sites, opportunities for both shore and boat diving abound at one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations!

If you are new to scuba diving, we recommend signing up for a discovery dive at minimum! You’re not obligated to get certification and all equipment is provided to you, along with a certified instructor who will skillfully guide you through you’re very first underwater experience! Just remember, keep breathing! Try it on your own, with your partner (in crime), or a group. Don’t worry about needing to bring any gear aside from your bathing suit (naked diving may not be the wisest activity). Grand Cayman diving companies are ready to meet your wants and needs and will provide you with an unforgettable experience in our awesome waters. If you are looking for further instruction, courses are available with sites such as Cayman Diving School and Cobalt Coast.

For those looking for specific experiences, keep in mind that the North Wall site is best enjoyed during the summer months and for those looking to enjoy the western or southern part of the island, we recommend visiting during the winter months. However, remember Mother Nature always calls the shots and your chosen diving company will make decisions to ensure your safety based upon the weather happening in that moment.

For the lovers of marine life, shallow reefs, corals and sponges, stingrays, garden and moray eels, green turtles, octopi, and fish of every color of the rainbow await you in our turquoise sea. With a little imagination they might even sing “Under the Sea” for you so get ready to groove island style! Keep in mind that there are day AND night dives available to you; for example, eels and octopi are more active at night so if Anguilliformes or eight arms excite you give night diving a try.

Exceptionally fascinating to experience are the numerous shipwrecks around the island. See how resourceful creatures of the sea can make a home of anything! Though, please, be mindful of your trash and litter at all times, because as interesting as a plastic bottle goby fish hotel might sound, there are other beautiful creatures that mistake such items for food; at their peril. Be sure to explore shipwrecks such as the “Cali” or “Tug Wreck” both of which can be accessed via Shore diving. For all you out there with a wee bit more experience under your belt, shipwrecks like the Carrie Lee off of the island’s East End are just waiting to be explored!

Feel free to check out our dive directory for more information!